New to Club Penguin?


New to Club Penguin?

If you’re new to Club Penguin, then this is the page for you! It’s got everything you need to know: Including your igloo, clothes, stamps, coins, games, and HEAPS MORE!

Start Warning

When you start, you won’t be set up with your requested user-name. For a few days your penguin will be a ‘P63810315’ penguin. (That was an example) But when you start you get rewarded with a red and white cap.


With this toolbar, you can access your home, change your player card, talk to your friends, or access Ultimate Safe Chat* if you are already in Safe Chat.

*Ultimate Safe Chat: Does not allow you to type in your own things; you can only say things on the speech list.


On the island of Club Penguin, they hold parties. For each party, a famous penguin comes around and switches servers each 10-15 minutes. If you’re lucky enough to meet a popular penguin, you will earn their background and get their stamp.

The popular penguins are Aunt Arctic, Cadence, Franky, Gary, G Billy, Petey K, Rockhopper, Rookie, Sensei, and Stompin’ Bob.

Your Penguin’s Look


There are plenty of ways your penguin can look. If you buy clothes from the Gift Shop (Members only) you can customize your penguin. Of course, if you aren’t a member, you can still customize your penguin by wearing ninja belts, the ‘Tour Guide’ hat, a friendship bracelet, (Found at the end of ‘Stowaway’ book in the Book Room) or even a cool ‘Jackhammer’ helmet.

When Rockhopper Arrives

When Rockhopper is at Club Penguin, it’s even more awesome. He brings his ship with him, and you don’t have to be a member to go inside. But you need a key. And with this guide, you can do it in a second.

Head over to the Book Room and go to the Bookshelf. Choose ‘Rockhopper’s Journal’ and flip to the end page: *Angels signing* There it is! THE KEY TO RH’S QUARTERS!! You can now play Treasure Hunt there and check out Rockhopper’s Billboard.


Coins are what you earn on Club Penguin to buy items: Wait, that’s a bit too obvious. I’ll tell you about how-to-earn them.

Earning coins is a piece of cake. You can play Mini-Games, earn 350 coins per month if you are a Tour Guide or an EPF Agent (or both, you will earn 700) and you did you know you can get heaps by using Penguin Storm?



UIO: Unlock Items Online

With this, you can get Codes by purchasing Club Penguin Plush toys and books. If you enter a Coin Code (earnt from Plush) you will get to look at a treasure book and redeem items: FOR FREE!

With a book, however, if it is your first time, you will earn a blue book and 1000 coins. There are always new Club Penguin things to buy, and you can look at the Treasure Books here.


With your very own stamp book, you can collect stamps to show your friends. Your stamp book looks like this:

(That was my stamp book) Usually stamp books start off in a dark red and boring. But you have to be a member to start customizing it.

Earning Stamps

To earn stamps, you must complete certain objectives to earn them: Such as simple ones, like pressing all the buttons at the Switchbox 3000.


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